Football Jigs


The Cumberland Pro Lures Football Jig features custom Gamakatsu hooks, durable chip-resistant paint finishes and the best looking skirts. Each jig is hand made in Kentucky.

These jigs are easy to fish and have become the go-to bait for tournament pros across the nation. Anywhere fish relate to offshore structure, these jigs can produce. Anywhere you think of throwing a Carolina-rig, the Cumberland Pro Lures Football Jig is a viable option.


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Football jigs have taken over in recent years as staples for offshore fishing, and we spare no expense to make the
finest football jigs for serious anglers. Our custom-painted and hand-tied jigs have accounted for numerous tournament
wins and long enjoyable weekends of fishing. We use the sharpest Gamakatsu hooks and best skirting material. Football jigs are easy to fish. Just thread your favorite trailer on the back and make a long cast. Then just slowly drag them along the bottom just like a Carolina rig.

SIZES: Jigs come in 1/2- and 3/4-ounce sizes.

AVAILABLE SKIRT COLORS (Best-selling skirt: 068 Naked Craw)

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